Whatever good you are inspired to do-the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay is here to help you do it. A giving fund with the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay can simplify your charitable gifts-and magnify their effect.

Community Foundation of Tampa Bay

At our core, we make giving easy and meaningful for our donors as a way to strengthen our nonprofits and build a better, more vital community.

We make it easy to start giving.
Even if you can’t establish a fund or endowment right now, you can contribute through the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. You can donate to a specific fund, contribute to a broad program that addresses an area of interest, or make a gift to a general fund to meet the greatest local needs.

We are there to help all along the way.
We provide guidance, leadership and personal service to our donors to be sure that your gifts accomplish your goals and make the maximum impact.

We handle the paperwork.
Our expert staff lets you concentrate on the joy of giving and decide how involved you want to be in your fund administration. 

We help your gifts grow faster and go further.
Our pooled resources and financial expertise assure the long-term growth your gifts and the maximum tax benefit to you.

We are engaged with the community.
We work closely with local nonprofits to monitor emerging issues so that we can help match gifts and support with appropriate organizations and solutions.