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Application deadline has been extended to midnight, august 21, 2017
Semifinalists will be announced no later than september 11, 2017

Just by applying you will be exposed to Social Venture Partners' network of engaged philanthropists. Access to capital and funding.  SVP partners do more than writing donation checks; we offer holistic investments in participating nonprofits through the SVP partner network.

Semi-finalists will be enrolled in a FREE, two-month accelerator program lead by partner professionals and experts.  The goal is to elevate and empower your organization with valuable skills and insights to help nonprofits have the greatest impact.  You will also receive coaching on developing and delivering your fast pitch at the culminating competition event.

The SVP Fast Pitch is also an opportunity to meet and collaborate with other innovative nonprofits to help build a stronger social enterprise community.   

But wait, there's more!  In addition to SVP partners, the competition event will also attract other donors, government and cultural leaders, volunteers, and for profit social entrepreneurs; all of whom can be valuable resources and connections.

NOTE:  Unfortunately, this form will not save drafts.  We suggest building your application off-line and then copying and pasting your text.  Thank you and good luck!!!

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In a 2 page executive summary please submit the following information: - Provide an overview of your social enterprise and its programs and projects - Describe the type of social enterprise your organization is and provide example, if any, of similar/competitive programs or businesses - Describe how your social enterprise is consistent with the mission of your organization - Describe your organizational structure (I.e. team and board) - Describe your target customers, users, and/or population being served - Identify any partners name and role of other organizations in planning, implementing, executing your social enterprises programs and projects - Provide market research for your social enterprise - Provide a timeline - Provide a path to profitability and current capital needs and how you plan to utilize the capital - Provide a comprehensive budget and any relative financials - Describe any previous donations, grants, investors, etc.